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Padma Resort Ubud
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Padma Resort Ubud - Ubud

Approximately 150 minutes drive from the airport | Ubud Market

Padma Resort Ubud is located on the enchanting wilderness. You can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the valley while experiencing the sacred and mysterious traditional culture in the undeveloped nort

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It is about 1.5 hours by car from the southern region of Bali. Ubud is the center of arts and entertainment in Bali. Ubud is famous for its unique Balinese painting styles, wood carvings, stone carvings and silver crafts with unique designs, as well as several famous museums. When walking around Ubud Market and Ubud Palace, enjoy stylish cafes and unique shops. Ubud is also famous for its summer resorts with beautiful views and various activities that cannot be done in the beach area. The name Ubud itself is believed to have originated from the Balinese word "Ubad" which means medicine.